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About Me

Charlene Sutter


I grew up in a rural community in east central Alberta. Like many I participated in all that our community had to offer. Recreational activities, community groups, community events, and volunteering.

I have always had a great sense of belonging to a small community.

The heart of small communities, the businessess.

The soul of small communities, the community members.
I love when local events and activities can bring all of these together.

I have always had a dedicated work ethic since the age of 14.
Taking part time jobs where ever someone needed help. This is where I gained a variety of skills, customer service, organization, time management, and responsibilities to name just a few.

In my adult career experience; I worked for small businesses in the oil & gas sector and then in an automotive dealership. Moving into working for a rural municipality for the last 12 years.


I've gained a diverse knowledge of owning and operating small businesses and communities. I am always curious and interested in all the diverse business opportunities in this ever changing world and economy.

I look forward to working for you and growing both our businesses together.

About Collaborative Solutions

Collaborative: When two or more people work together for a common goal.


Solutions: A method or process to solve problems.

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